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Tsu Station (Haruko)


KANOKOGI Takeshiro




Oil on canvas


Gift of Ms. Kanokogi Kimiko and Kanokogi Yoshiko


Born in Okayama Prefecture, Kanokogi Takeshirō studied at Fudōsha, an art school headed by Koyama Shōtarō. In 1900 he went abroad, studying for four years in Europe and the United States. After returning to Japan he was active in Kyoto, and taught younger artists at the Kansai Bijutsuin art academy. Specializing in portraits, he maintained an unwavering style throughout his life.
In this work depicting a woman in a kimono standing on a bridge, seen from behind, the model was his newlywed wife Haruko. The railway tracks stretching off into the distance seem to be a metaphor for the future stretching out before the young couple, and the work conveys an invigorating sense of promise.

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